Legacy launch.Ghana 2021.


Operation bring our ancestors home.

Heads of our heroes are in prisons called museums around the world in private collections by their thieves still.

How can our ancestors rest with no body? no funeral?

Bring them home to rest.


The legal age of consent in Nigeria used to be 12 years old.

There is 0 consequence for rape. Women live in daily fear of being mutilated, raped, killed, violated, every single day every hour.

1 out of 1 have been violated. 10000 out of 10000 have been violated.

Young females are kidnapped and gang rapped to birth babies that are then sold for parts or into slavery.

Ritualism causes deaths as well; lack of education and quest for survival lead many astray into performing harmful deeds onto others.

Laws need to be made.

Awareness is how we start.


This project was made possible with the help of the people of Osikan Jamestown; A fishing community in Accra Ghana & FreeTheYouth Family. 



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