On 8 October 2020, Nigerians took to the streets protesting atrocities by the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) which was a unit of the Nigeria Police established to fight violent crimes. On 20 October 2020, at least 12 peaceful protesters were killed in Alausa and Lekki Lagos by security operatives. At least 56 people have died across the country during the protests. Victims include protesters and thugs who were allegedly hired by the authorities to confront the protesters. In many cases, the law enforcement and security forces had used excessive force in an attempt to control or stop the protests. _ Amnesty.org Men were assigned by the Nigerian governement to attack and destroy civilian individuals who dared to express themselves or even exist. They called themselves SARS. Inspired by the hijab, Collection 2 was designed to support the movement and protect its wearer. Normally youth wear caps to hide hairstyles in public spaces, but hair still peaks out. By introducing the du-rag design to the African youth market this style allows for the wearers hair to the entirely covered. The male version of a hijab. Reversible Du-rags colourful side to celebrate and the black side to hide your coloured hair/style from attention (safety). The goal is unity The goal is freedom of expression The goal is freedom for everyone to be who they are and to live comfortably in their truth Collection 2: Together we will live forever. *unable to produce in a thin double sided fabric comfortable in the heat in current Lagos market *current collection for sale is bejewelled and single sided