"Beads might be the oldest art form we know. It is reported that Neanderthal men wore beads made from teeth and bones as pendants. In fact, beads have been used by almost every civilization across the world at a given point in time as a form of art, trade currency or symbol of social or spiritual status. While there is some evidence that beads have been used by indigenous Africans for thousands of years (mostly as a trade currency), it seems it is during the 12th century that the production started within manufacturing areas that are still up and running today, particularly amongst the Krobo ethnic group in Ghana. Beads are associated to the Krobo people, just as gold is to the Ashantis. The Krobo, who are one of the largest ethnic groups coming from the mountains inland the coast of south eastern Ghana, are one of the most important glass beads producers in Africa. The whole village has been involved in glass beads production for years, producing large quantities for local and international consumption. As a result, the Krobo’s have used beads in all the stages of their lives, from birth to death. For years, Krobo beads have been much more than just a form of currency or a decoration item, there have been a lot of traditions intertwined with bead usage, such as rites of passage ceremonies and holistic healing. Beads are also an important part of the family heirloom, and considered as the vessel for the knowledge and wisdom of family ancestors"._ Dwell Ghana
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