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Shoreditch, London 2020.
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The New Generation of Nigerian Men 


Shorty’s my friends lil sister (Teezee), I didn't even know they were related. She's really strong and she's really young and she's really fast. She kinda scares me a little maybe cause she reminds me of me. I am really excited about her future. 


I met Phillip via @leomieanderson some odd years ago as fetuses. We went to Nigeria together last year it was a disaster. 

After which he went to Sudan alone which he speaks about.


I've learned lot from Ollie over the years. Here he talks about the growth from youth to adulthood in London. 


To me, Tz is the embodiment of Lagos traffic. I met him outside the club in the east village with his friends like some random years ago. We’ve partied all around the world and his driver is really cool.

Interviewed by the @Olaoluslawn 

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You know when u meet a spirit and you know you’ll never forget them? Thats Slawn and petr.

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Sometimes…sometimes…I wanna ask onyedi light skin questions; questions only he and I can yan about. Questions like did u understand what a half cast was? Cause I really didn't get it till like 13 

 2. Does it hurt when they call u oyeibo. Cause I know it hurts me :(

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I met Cynthia at the end sars protest via favor. I like her because she's quite odd, she grew up in Germany and she sounds like an angel. Here she interviews Favor on all things life. 

Favor I've been her fan for about 3 years now. We both hail from Benin. I just adore her so much. She bends metal for a living. In Benin, sculpting is a skill passed down traditionally in our culture and reserved only for men but favor does it and does it so intensely well. I brag about her all the time and I’ve only just met her thrice. 


I met her through her dad, who is friends with my mentor the bullets.

Sayid Ali & I
The Year of the Return didn't end in December
Suggestion box on ways to change Africa, add your LEGACY.